Ruthie 23-4544 – MEDICAL HOLD

Ruthie is currently on medical hold due to some medical concerns that need to be addressed before she can be adopted.

Please welcome sweet Ruthie to the rescue. Ruthie is about 8 years old, heartworm negative, has been spayed, and requires having more bumps removed. Ruthie was set to be euthanized on Monday…because, as we all are painfully aware, the shelters are beyond full and the older, medical needs and behavioral issues are the first to be put on that list to make room. Thankfully this shelter has an advocate that reached out to us in desperation to get her out, and out we got her!! A few phone calls later, one of our volunteers was on her way to go pick Ruthie up. Ruthie is recovering from her first surgery with her temporary foster family and will be making her way to her foster home in a couple of weeks. This girl deserves all the Christmas miracles!