Callie 21-4310

Hi everyone, Callie here. I am a happy-go-lucky girl and am so thankful I was rescued. I am loving life, treats, rolls in the grass, stuffed toys and snuggles on the sofa. This is the life I’ve always dreamed of except for one thing… I am still looking for a family to call my own. Once we find each other, all of my dreams will come true! I am a mature girl around 6-7 years old, short and stocky but I still enjoy playing, hanging out in the yard and chewing my toys. I am protective and will alert you to strangers immediately. I hate the vet because every time I go they stick me with needles or try to do something I don’t like. I would much rather have these things done by someone I trust. I am good for baths and nail trims. I will sit for treats and will go immediately to my crate when told. I am smart and learn routines quickly. I like being a good girl because it gets me extra attention and rewards. I also like meeting other dogs and will play with them but I don’t like sharing my toys or food with them. I also don’t like being crowded and the dogs in my foster home just don’t understand I like my personal space so we don’t always get along in the house. I would really like to be the only dog in my forever home because I will prefer all of your attention. I tend to get spoiled easily. I also enjoy car rides and will do my best to jump in on my own.

Sometimes it’s hard for us short chubby girls to jump high so I often need a boost. Haha!

I hope I sound exactly like who you’ve been looking for. I really am a great all-around girl just looking for someone I can count on for the rest of my life.

With Love,
Callie Ann