Our medical bills are extremely high, and the number of dogs needing help is on the rise this time of year.  PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO OUR MEDICAL FUND. We take pride in being a rescue that never refuses an dog for medical reasons. We will get them the care they need to restore quality of life, rather than pass them over for easier cases.  This takes a very heavy toll on us financially.


OTIS Needs Your help

Mr. Otis is a very special boy who has been with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue since mid July, he was rescued from Anderson Paws in Anderson, SC. We knew he had a double hernia, which is very rare and he would have to go through a lot. Little did we know that he also had a cancerous growth inside his ear. He just had his fourth surgery, and has not been able to start his heartworm shots yet. The hernias had to be fixed in separate surgeries, with the ear tagged on to the first. Once he had those out of the way, he was ready to start his heartworm treatment. However, when he went to get his first shot the vet noticed that the ear from which the mass was removed was growing more mast cells. So, off he went for surgery number three…an ear amputation. He was healing well from that ( and looking quite spectacular rocking the one ear docked look) when his pathology came back and it wasn’t good. So…back he went to have the entire ear removed in hopes of getting all the cancer. We aren’t sure yet if he will need some canine chemo …but he still has to get rid of those nasty heartworms. So, why is he so special you ask? Never has this four year old lost his spunk. He loves to be around people and dogs and just wants to hang with the crowd. He is all about love and he hasn’t ye

t shown any crankiness even through all of these hardships. Please keep this gentle giant in your prayers f

or healing.

The cost for treatment so far is $1,800 and will go up.



Evie needs your help!!

My name is Evie, and I want to tell you all my story. My life was not very good before I came in the rescue, I had to have babies all the time. Then one day something went wrong and my uterus prolapsed, and I had developed a larger than grapefruit size tumor on my thigh. So, I ended up in the shelter. I could not stay there either because I needed immediate medical attention.

The shelter let Blue Ridge know that I was an emergency and they all pulled together, picked me up and took me to the vet.

The tumor came off, everything was taken care of. But, Blue Ridge said we had to consult a specialist to see if there were any bad cells under my skin that needed to be killed. So to be on the safe side, I have to go through 15 radiation treatments which are very expensive. The total cost is around $ 5000.00 and I hope with your help we can do this for me, so I can finally live a happy long life with my forever family. Everybody says I am the sweetest girl. Please consider helping me, no amount is too small.

Yours truly,



Treatment pictures courtesy of Carolina Veterinary Specialist who are treating Evie with expertise and TLC.