Owner Surrender

The decision to surrender a pet is a very difficult one. We are sometimes able to take owner surrender cases but it is strictly based on the availability of our foster homes. We are often overwhelmed by how many dogs their are in need so please keep in mind it may take a few days to respond to you. You will need to email our Intake Coordinator with the following information. Failure to complete this important step will hinder our ability to help you.

Please copy and paste the below information to your email with the correct responses.

Do not forget your photos. It is extremely important to have good photos of the dog you need to surrender. You will need to provide at least a Head shot and a Body shot. Any additional shots that you feel shows your pets personality would be wonderful to include as well. (getting along with kids, cats other dogs etc.)

1. It is very important that you entitle your email with the dogs name and your last name.
2. Did you adopt your boxer from BRBR?
3. Where are you located & what is your phone number? (please note: we accept dogs from NC, SC and some parts of VA ONLY)

4. We NEED pictures of your boxer, your boxer will not be considered for BRBR until we have pictures to assure your dog is a boxer.

5. Age of your Boxer.

6. Is your Boxer good with other dogs, kids or cats?

7. What vet work has your Boxer had? Is he or she spayed or neutered?

8. Is your Boxer on monthly heart-worm prevention?

9. Does your Boxer have any health problems?

10. Why are you considering surrendering your Boxer to BRBR?

11. What is your time frame to surrender your dog?

**Please only contact only of you are serious about surrendering your dog.

**Please note and Confirm that you cannot work with another organization or private individual to place your dog after we will let you know that we are working with you, and doing our best to place your dog. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours after contacting you, we will assume that you found another option for your dog and move on.***

Please email all information to:[email protected]
Be aware that if you decide to surrender your pet to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue you will have no legal rights to this pet or decisions made on behalf of this pet once the pet is surrendered into our custody.