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There are numerous ways to help the Blue Ridge Boxers!  We desperately need help with funds to continue saving lives.  To date, we’ve successfully helped to save over 4,500 dogs, and it is all thanks to help from supporters like YOU! Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation goes directly to the care of our rescued Boxers and is tax deductible.

We take pride in holding to our standards of never refusing a dog for medical reasons; therefore we need all the help we can get for the health of our rescued dogs.

Over 60% of the dogs rescued over the last 5 years needed heartworm treatment. This treatment alone is a minimum of $250 per dog, not to metion other illnesses, injuries, and the standard vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries.  Our vet bills account for nearly 90% of our annual expenses.  Can you help us?

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Please consider visiting our Amazon wish list and purchasing something for our foster dogs. It gets very expensive fostering dogs and providing leashes, shampoo, dog beds, toys and other doggy accessories for our fosters. A lot of these items comes out of pocket of our volunteers. Please show your support and send a foster something they can really use and enjoy.

Thank you on behalf of our foster dogs!!

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