Merla 23-4484

Is your life on the boring side? There’s a cure for that. Adopt this two -year old toddler, uh, pup and there will be fewer dull moments in your life. Yes, this bully mix girl is your typical 2-year-old. Plays hard, sleeps hard, is able to destroy a stuffie in minutes, and is a true lovebug(on her terms). She is still skittish with sudden movement, still not 100% about taking food out of your hand, and 95% potty trained. The girl doesn’t like wet grass/wet hiney. She comes with a washable pee pad for those days. ???? She loves dogs, never been around cats so not sure how she will react. Will go in her crate on command. Due to her extreme jumpiness, Foster Mom has not been able to do much in the way of training but thinks she is to the point that she will be trainable. She is a good girl and needs her forever family so she can start learning how to be a great dog for the right family.