Luna – 23-4531

November 2023 Update from Luna’s Foster Mom – Luna is definitely a snuggler. She will be on her human’s lap any chance she gets. She loves being under a blanket on her human’s lap and will sleep for hours. She will snore and snuggle in until she gets hot. Once she is hot, she will melt onto the floor until she cools down. She loves being on the side of her human because that is her happy place.
She needs to learn to meet new people and walk on a leash. After about 30 seconds, she is usually good with new people. New dogs, she does adapt but she is an alpha. She is a lap dog 100%. Luna is a loving and smart caring furbaby. She learns quickly. We are working on leash walking and meeting new people. She has learned to be gentle with treats which was a big challenge for a furbaby that was too skinny..
She isn’t aggressive with food around humans but will push other dogs away from their food and steal their treats if she gets the opportunity, so we feed her in a different spot from our resident dogs.
She is very loving once she gets to know you and trusts you. She sleeps every night with our 17-year-old son and snuggles with him too, since the first night she arrived in our home.
Luna had her second round of shots yesterday other than needing some allergy meds for a runny nose and slight cough when she gets excited, she is healthy and ready to find her Forever home


October 2023

Hi, I’m brand new to the rescue!  I”m 6 years old, spayed, and heartworm negative. More information and photos to come soon once I am settled into my foster home.