Due to the high number of dogs in shelters and dogs being surrendered there is the potential to Foster to Adopt a dog from us. This actually increases how quickly you could potentially adopt a dog and gives you access to dogs you may never hear about. Sometimes you may see a dog adoption on FB and realize you never saw that dog on the website. Odds are that was an FTA dog. The fact of the matter is we won’t have enough foster homes for all the dogs we are contacted about. If you are willing to take a little bit of a chance and are an experienced dog owner or a previous adopter, then FTA might just be a great way to go.

FTA works similar to how the adoption process does. You will get to step 2 and let your AC know what you are looking for in a boxer. They will then see if we have any dogs waiting in the wings who need to be saved. If we have a dog that seems to meet your criteria and you agree to FTA we will pull the dog, vet it and put it on a transport for you to get.
For two weeks you will take care of that dog just like your own pet. You will be the foster home for that two-week period or if it has to go thru a medical treatment, you will take care of the dog thru that treatment. If you feel like yes, this is your forever dog you only have to sign a contract and pay and adoption fee at the end of the two weeks. Done deal!

If you decide this is just not the dog for you then you will let us know. We will ask you to fill out a form about the dog, what its likes and dislikes are etc. You will need to send us some pictures and we would place the dog on our website for adoption. You would be required to take care of that dog until we can find it a forever home. During this time frame if the dog requires medical attention, we pay for it. You will need to get any vet visits approved thru our medical director. We will also send you the HW pills necessary to keep the dog in good health.

If you are interested in doing FTA, please let your Adoption Coordinator know at this time. They will then let our intake Director know you are interested in doing FTA. If you have not yet put in an application to Foster or Adopt, you will need to complete that step first.