Tyus 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a professionally trained dog? Think you can’t find one from a rescue? Well, think again! Hi! I’m Tyus and I’ve basically got my Ph.D. in doggie obedience as I have spent the last year living with a real-life, professional dog-trainer!

I’ve got all the basics covered and then some!

Housebroken? Check! You can leave me out unsupervised and I promise to take care of things and I definitely don’t potty in the house.

Crate trained? Yep! And actually, in my new home, I’d like it if I could start out with some create time….just to help me get acclimated to my new digs and family.

“Sit” “down” “come” and “place” commands? Easy breezy. Piece of cake. Well…except maybe when I get super excited, but I promise….I know them all.

I’m a little shy when it comes to new people and I will protect the house and my family by barking at strangers passing by…just to keep the bad ones away, but if you say it’s ok and tell me to knock-it-off, I will listen. It’s really just all bark though, once the strangers become friends, I am super sweet and just love attention. I’ll try not to be too demanding, but I’ll let you know when I really want to play by using my “boxer grumble” voice.

I like most other dogs and being a part of the pack, but when it comes to other boy dogs, I prefer those that are easy going and not too dominant. With my human pack, I’d also like to just be part of the pack and leave the “leader” part to you. Making the decisions can stress me out, so if you’re calm and assertive and comfortable with being the leader, then I’d love to meet you and maybe, just maybe….you’ll make me one of your pack!