Tyus 2017

Tyus is a sweet submissive male boxer who loves being apart of the pack. Tyus loves attention but isn’t overly demanding of that attention. Tyus will talk to you when he wants to play. This sometimes can be mistaken as a growl, but it is not. Tyus is housebroken and can be left out without the need of supervision. Tyus is crate trained, and when entering a new home I would recommend using the crate until he gets acclimated to his new environment. Tyus knows sit, down, come, and place commands and follows thru well unless he is overly excited. Tyus is good with most dogs, although he can have some issues with dominant male dogs, who try to dominate him.
Tyus needs a calm but assertive owner who is experienced with the breed. Tyus doesn’t want to be the leader of the pack, nor does he want to make decisions. He will if he is forced to, which can cause him stress and anxiety. Tyus can be shy when it comes to new people and can be protective over his territory(house or yard). He will bark at strangers passing by his territory. He will listen to a knock-it-off command and will stop at your request. Once he warms to people he is a sweet loving dog.