Tyson 19-4600

Hi there friends! I’m Tyson! You see that look on my face? That’s the look of hopeful optimism. I know my forever family is just waiting for me to come into their lives….will it be you??
I’m just a happy sweet guy looking for my forever family. I might have had a tough start in life, but I’m gentle and good-natured and just looking for my best friend and companion. I’m about 6 years old, but still a wriggly bundle of puppy-dog love.
I love to snuggle and play and every time our eyes meet I’ll wag my tail to show you how much I love you…as long as you promise to give me ALL the belly rubs that is…I LOVE a good belly rub!

I like pretty much every human I meet and I like my fur-sisters too, even though they don’t always want to play with me.
I’m totally housebroken, not one accident since I arrived in my foster home…and did you say treats? If you’ve got ‘em I’m paying attention. You don’t even have to say the word and I sit like a Pro!
I’ve learned to go in my crate without complaint. Once I’m there, it’s not so bad. I’ll stay there like a good boy while you are at work…as long as you promise a belly rub when you get home. Kidding kidding…I won’t demand a belly rub, but I sure would like it.
I don’t particularly like tile floors much, so if you don’t have many of those that would be great. I have managed to avoid the tile floors in my foster home, which my foster dad seems to find amusing. It might be wise if you also have a tall fence around your yard. I like to chase the squirrels and gave my foster dad a good scare when I escaped one night….I wasn’t trying to leave, I just wanted to catch the squirrels.
Overall, I’ll make a great family dog and am so looking forward to meeting you and starting our adventure together. If you want to learn more and maybe make me a part of your family, fill out an application today!