Tyson 19-4600

Hi there friends! I’m Tyson! New here to the Rescue, but you see that look on my face? That’s the look of hopeful optimism. I know my forever family is just waiting for me to come into their lives….will it be you??

Anyway, I’m settling into my temporary digs at my foster home and so far I’m liking it here. Sure beats the streets and the shelter! I’m about 6 years old, but still a wriggly bundle of puppy-dog love…and did you say treats? If you’ve got ‘em I’m paying attention. You don’t even have to say the word and I sit like a Pro!  Well, we are all just getting to know each other, so check back soon for more of my adventures in foster care and don’t wait, fill out your application now so you can be top of the list if you’d like me to join your family!