Tiki 15-4026

My name is Tiki. I was 11lbs in the pouring rain under a car at a very young age when BRBR found me. Since then, I have been in the care of my owner for 4 years now. I love my owner, but he has taken a new job that requires a lot of  travel. Now I am looking for a new home and would love a fenced in yard to play!

I am a very loyal companion. I like to play and make funny faces. I like going on runs in the evening or playing out on my lead, and car rides, car rides are the best!  I am very smart, and sometimes stubborn but you can’t get mad at this face! I love kids,  and laying right beside you at night. And treats, all treats and toys, lots of toys.

I am a very good boy in the house, I can be left uncrated for 4 hours at a time, you see my Dad used to come home for lunch, but, unfortunately with his new job he cannot do this anymore.

I have to admit I do have a weakness, I need to be the only dog, the King of the Hill if you will, I really am not fond of any competition. But you will also have MY LOVE and loyalty all to yourself, too.

I also have a favorite spot on the couch. But if you get up, your spot is now my favorite! I love sleeping in the bed at night. I do require some supervision, because like a young boy, I love to explore.

If you like to play, we will get along great! Please consider me for adoption, I will be forever grateful.

All you need to to is go to our website and fill in an adoption application.

Looking so forward to meeting you,

Truly yours,