Tarzan 20-4758

Tarzan is a great puppy. A little shy at first but the puppy is finally coming out of him. He will not go into the crate willingly, but once you get him and stay with him till he lays down he will sleep through the
night with no issues. He loves being outside and exploring the yard. He actually cries a little bit when you bring him back inside. The few walks we have had he has been great on the leash. He will make a family very

Breed: Boxer Mix
● Sex: Male
● Age: 10 Months
● Weight: 35 lbs.
● HW Status: HW Neg
● Tail: natural
● Ears: natural
● Spay/Neuter: Neutered
● Good with male dogs: yes
● Good with female dogs: unknown
● Good with small dogs: unknown
● Good with cats: unknown
● Good with children: unknown
● Energy Level scale 1-9 (sleepy –energetic): 6

● Intelligence scale 1-9 (silly-genius): 5
● Friendliness scale 1-9 (aggressive-affectionate): 9
● Playfulness scale 1-9 (not playful-very playful): 5
● Disposition scale 1-9 (anxious-calm): 7
● Nicknames: none
● Favorite food/toy/treats: bacon strips
● Must be in a home that has the following: room to un
● Is a fence necessary or is leashed exercise sufficient?: fence is necessary
● Medical issues: not showing any medical problems at this time
● Needs work on: Getting in the crate on his own. Basic commands