Kevin 23-4482

Welcome Kevin, FKA Seven! Kevin has been with us for a week and is decompressing from the stress of leaving the home and fellow pets he has known for most of his life. Besides being handsome and having a great boxer physique, he walks well on a leash and is very good with outside bathroom habits. He’s not a fan of coming inside unless he is on a leash. He’s fast and very gazelle-like when trying to avoid being caught.

Kevin can sleep or rest in his roomy crate, but his favorite place is safely next to his foster mom and foster sister, Twiggy (BRBR 2014). Kev is very interested in all that goes on in the household and neighborhood, but he is also a fearful and anxious pup and needs to feel safe. He wants to be friends with his foster dad but isn’t quite sure of the tall man with a deep voice. Thankfully, his foster sister is calm and quiet, and he is looking to her for clues on what a relaxed life looks like. Stay tuned as Kevin continues to decompress and learn that BRBR is giving him a new “leash” on life.