Scooby – 23-4417

September 2023 – Scooby is a great dog. Very chill. He doesn’t have to be at the head of the line, willing to wait his turn. He is a leaner when getting attention. He likes to play fetch inside with his favorite toy. But don’t let him take it outside, he will hide it in the woods. He also prefers to poop in the bushes/woods (he is modest). He loves to play chase and run with another dog. He will chew on a bone or nap if you are working from home. He will fuss when you leave the house, sometimes. It is more a temper tantrum than separation anxiety. He doesn’t always fuss. Usually stops within 30 minutes. He seems less likely to fuss if he gets some kind of exercise beforehand. He could be a great athlete. He is agile and loves to run. He would make a good running partner or agility dog. His laid-back personality would make him a great office dog.

August 2023 – Scooby is a really neat dog. He gets super excited when you come home or wake him up. It’s like he is meeting you for the first time every time. He bounces with excitement like a gazelle. He does listen well. For an intact male, he is pretty calm. He loves to run and play chase. He will chase a ball but doesn’t bring it back yet. He would probably make a good running partner. He likes being wherever you are. He doesn’t like to think he is alone. He is doing well with a companion dog in the house. He can fuss when in the crate and I leave the house but will settle after a few minutes. He is getting more confident with the routine and having another dog nearby. He sleeps in his crate quietly. Probably would do fine at night without a crate. He will take naps in his crate. He is better with blankets than a fluffy bed. He likes to rearrange his crate nightly.