Sadie Lady 2018

Hi all I’m Sadie my foster mom calls me Sadie lady, because im so sweet, and petite. I’m a little skittish walking on the leash so i will be need some work on that. My preference is probably gonna be a fenced in yard but I could get used to leash walks with a little practice and patience. I’m great with other dogs and I just LOVE people. I do great with kids I am a little jumpy and I want to try to boss them a little but if they are dog savy and can show a little control like having me sit for a cookie I will be their best buddy and I will play as long as they will play with me. Our suggestion would be age range for children would be 7 & up.

I might bark when a stranger first walks in but as soon as you sit down my paw or my head is gonna go right in your lap for some snuggles. I do have a tail and not a nub, sorry nub lovers, but its really cute tail.

My foster mom says im a counter surfer and a little trash sniffer. So you will have to keep an eye on me. But you only have to call my name firmly or say no firmly one time and I stop whatever it is im doing and leave it alone. I don’t even seem to mind these feathered things she has in the house. Although I will eat the bird seed off the floor. Extra treats for me!!.

I don’t LOVE going in the crate but once im in there I do just great. I have been improving on that because cookies have been involved. Once I’m in you won’t hear a peep out of me til i need to potty then I will let you know. I figured out the dog door in this house in about two seconds. I love food but I take it really gently like a proper little lady should. I’m very food motivated so I should be a breeze to train. I’m figuring out what toys are they are kind of fun but I’m not entirely sure how to play with them. My foster mom makes silly noises with them and then starts shaking them all around she is kind of a nut ball but it is kind of fun when you get into it.

I’d do great in a home with or without another dog. I’m all about the people, my foster mom says im a velcro dog an she sometimes has to remind me that when she walks that I don’t have to walk in between her legs. I don’t know why? I just want to be as close to her as I can get. You will never potty alone with me. If you don’t like a dog being at your feet at all times then im not gonna be the girl for you. But if you’d like a constant buddy who will love you til the end of their days. I’m the one for you!!