Roscoe 19-4628

Eat, Play, Cuddle…REPEAT!

That would be my ideal, most pawfect day! I’m Roscoe and I’m about 4 years old. That means I am old enough and wise enough to know a few things, but still a young pup at heart.

I have an enthusiasm for life that is infectious. I’m just a happy-go-lucky, glass-half-full, well-rounded kind of pup. I’d love a forever home where my humans are active and like to play, but most importantly I’m looking for a loyal and devoted friend who I can share all the snuggles with. My greatest joy in life is to make you feel loved, happy, and proud. I will bring you joy and laughter and all the love.

A few things to know about me:
  • I have a non-discriminatory love of ALL toys…well, the squeaky ones sometimes startle me, but that can turn into a game too.
  • I have career aspirations as a dog-toy QC specialist. I’ve been practicing my toy-destruction skills and am happy to test the destructibility of any toy.
  • I love, love, LOVE, food and snacks of all kinds.
  • I bark at new humans the first time I meet them, but am quick to make friends, especially if you want to give me pets and scratches. My favorite spots are under my neck and behind my ears by the way.
  • I love playing with my fur-sisters in my foster home and I’ve learned that it’s not OK to nip at their ankles. It’s just a game, but it wasn’t really appreciated.
  • I have 2 speeds. “GO!” and “No-Go”
  • I have a need for speed and will run zoomies in the yard until I fall out too tired to get up. I am still working on my agility though and Foster Mom giggles when I get tangled up in my feet.
  • I love lounging with my humans or favorite toy. Foster Mom says I lounge about and relax like I have no care in the world and can twist and contort myself into the most unusual sleeping positions. She giggles and tells me I am like a pretzel…I think that’s a snack, and I love snacks.
  • My tail adds character. I think tails are like the new black.
  • I love car rides. Especially if I can rest my head on your shoulder. We’re in this together and I will go anywhere with you.

If I sound like the perfect pup for you, or you’d like to learn more, fill out an application and ask for me, Roscoe. I’m excited to get our forever-adventure started! Ready, set, let’s go!