Roddrick 20-4744

Howdy Partner!! If you don’t mind I would like to take the time to introduce myself.  The name is Roddrick.  I am said to be 6-11 months old, and I am what they call a Boxer Mix.  They know I got lots of Boxer in me based on looks and personality, but my foster mom thinks I might have a smidge of Hound in here too.   My long ears might have given her that idea.   But nonetheless, she still says I am pretty awesome no matter what I am mixed with.   I am working on potty training, I know the basic concept and do my business outside for the most part, but I have had a couple accidents in the house.  I am learning quick that that is a big NO-NO!   I do wonderful in my crate at night though, I have had NO accidents in there.  I have tons of energy, and I LOVE to play.  I have never met a stranger, and everyone loves some of ME.   They can’t resist petting me because lets face it, I am just THAT cute!!!

A few things that my foster mom is looking for in my new furever home are: 1) a fenced yard (that is a necessity) – I have lots of energy and need to burn it off – if I don’t I might just chew up things I am not supposed to because I am bored out of my mind.  2) Kids  (this isn’t a necessity but a want) – I love kids and love playing with them in the yard  3) Another Dog in the home – I love playing with my foster fur-siblings and I have always had a dog in my life – it definitely helps with my confidence – but they need to be able to tolerate puppy play – because I am very much a puppy.

So….if you are interested in me and have the things my foster mom is looking for in my new home, then please reach out to the folks at Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.   They can put you in touch with my foster mom and who knows, you could be my furever family that I truly want in my life.


  • Breed: Boxer Mix –
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 6 – 11 Months old
  • Weight: 43lbs
  • HW Status: NEG
  • Tail: Tail
  • Ears: Floppy
  • Spay/Neuter: Neutered
  • Good with male dogs: YES
  • Good with female dogs: YES
  • Good with small dogs: YES
  • Good with cats:  unknown
  • Good with children: YES YES YES
  • Energy Level scale 1-9 (sleepy –energetic): 9+
  • Intelligence scale 1-9 (silly-genius): 6
  • Friendliness scale 1-9 (aggressive-affectionate): 9+
  • Playfulness scale 1-9 (not playful-very playful): 9+
  • Disposition scale 1-9 (anxious-calm): 6
  • Nicknames: Rodd – Bubba
  • Favorite food/toy/treats: anything that has a squeaker
  • Must be in a home that has the following: fenced yard – kids – another energetic dog
  • Is a fence necessary or is leashed exercise sufficient?:  fenced yard is required
  • Medical issues:  none
  • Needs work on: potty training – basic commands