Rock 19-4640

I will ROCK your world!

Guaranteed!! I’m Rock! I’m only about 2 years old, so just a kindhearted, yet spunky, pup who’s looking for a forever-friend to share many adventures with! I love everyone and every animal I meet…even the kitty friends!

I’m eager to please and trust easily. Even though I was a little shy at first, I found my place to snuggle up with foster mom the very first night I arrived. I guess I knew I was safe and in good hands and fell right asleep there on her lap. Foster Mom says she got a laugh when I started snoring. She was surprised such sounds could come from such a little guy. Maybe that’s why I have to sleep in my crate?

So about the crate, I’m not the biggest fan. I’d much rather be with you or free to find the sunny spot on the couch for a little snooze. I won’t complain too much though unless I hear your alarm in the morning and you hit snooze too many times. C’mon….little guy…little bladder! Once we’re up, I’ll hurry outside, do my business and then zoom right back in…I don’t wanna miss breakfast…I LOVE breakfast! Who doesn’t love breakfast? Best meal of the day!

My most favorite things are snuggles, belly rubs, and snacks…and sticking my head out of the car window to let my ears flap around. And as much as I enjoy toys, foster mom’s socks, especially the ones she’s worn around a bit, are way more fun! I’m young and playful, but really I have the most excellent manners. I’d ace any obedience class! And if you said ‘agility course’…I’d be the first one in line! I love love love to run and play, especially with my kid-siblings. I get so excited to play and am so eager to keep up that sometimes I get too close and we all take a tumble. But I’m very smart and a quick study, so I’m learning not to hop around so much and to give them a little more space when we play.

I love it here in my foster home. They treat me like one of their own, give me lots of snuggles, and lots of treats. But I know it’s only a temporary stop on my journey to you and it only gets better from here!

If you adopt me, I know we’ll have many years of adventures ahead of us! It’ll be great! Are you ready to see what our future holds? Fill out an application today!