River 2019

Hi! My name is River and I am new here. I arrived at my foster home in 9/20 and spent the weekend getting to know them. I live with a big dog and 2 toddlers. They are the perfect size to give me treats whenever they walk by! My foster mom says I need to work on my manners because it’s not polite to take food from someone like that, but you see, I’m so hungry all the time it’s hard to resist. Maybe once I gain some weight it will be easier to listen when she tells me no. Speaking of manners, I am not a big jumper and know how to sit politely to be pet, I know that I am supposed to go potty outside and I use the dog door 90% of the time. I sleep in my crate at night and only cry when I have to go out to go potty (because I am just not able to make it through the night yet). I like to play with the other dog here, but he hasn’t learned to trust me yet so we aren’t cuddle buddies yet. I am excited to meet my forever home and have a family of my own to grow up with!