Princess -22-

Looking for your own royal family? Meet THE PRINCESS. Princess is a 4-year-old brindle looking for her new castle and throne. Tiara is optional. PRINCESS came to the rescue after living her entire life outside in a kennel-being used as a breeder dog. Her perfect family will need lots of PATIENCE, TIME, and LOVE. Quite simply life has changed 180 degrees for her and she is making great strides with all the changes. She lived deep in the woods and had minimal human contact so EVERYTHING is pretty much a new experience for her. She has made great progress in the time she has been in foster care but there is still so much for her to learn to become a “normal” house dog. She will need time to bond with her new person to become comfortable with them. Believe me –if you have food and treats it won’t take too long. She is doing great with outside pottying– take her out every couple of hours. Don’t expect her to go quickly. Like any royal, she is picky with the potty spot and takes a few minutes to find it. She has stayed confined in her room for up to 6 hours with no accidents and without bothering anything Did I mention she is a love bug and loves your attention. I would recommend a slow introduction to other dogs. She doesn’t mind my four-pack when outside in the fenced yard and even in the house. Just don’t come into her room. This may change as she gets more comfortable just being a dog. For this reason, separate feedings will be a must at first. She doesn’t mind the crate in the limited times she has been in it. As far as training she is going to be a blank slate for her person. I have been working some with a leash with her but have really just concentrated on getting her comfortable in her new surroundings. She will make a great family member with some time, love, guidance, and patience.

BREED: boxer
SEX: female
AGE: 4 years
WEIGHT: 52 lbs
HW Status: negative
TAIL: docked
EARS: natural