Pebbles 18-4563

Hello…my name is Pebbles and my foster parents tell me I’m an absolute sweetheart, I was on a medical hold because I had puppies but now that my pups are on their way to forever homes I’m ready to find a forever home of my own, I’m an absolute lover, I will love on you until you get tired of it, that’s all I want, I’m good with other dogs, I love kids. I occasionally get into a little trouble when left unattended for long periods of time, yep I get a little bored, so when your at work or at the store I should either be with you or in a crate, I can move everything on the counter top to the floor while you’re gone if not, I never ruin or chew anything, I’m just good at making messes if left at home alone without being crated, crates don’t bother me, matter of face I really like sleeping in mine, but if you’re home I want to be with you. My dream home would be anywhere I can get love and attention, if you put a leash on me I will walk beside you until you get tired. I like to play also, if you throw a ball or a stick I’ll chase it but I don’t know how to bring it back to you yet, I’ll figure it out in time, I will play tug-a-war as well as other playful things, I’m pretty content laying on the couch or in your lap. I don’t have any favorite toys to speak of other than this little stuffed dog, I pack it around everywhere I go but I don’t chew it up, I like bully sticks and bones. I will sit for treats. I’d like pretty much any forever home that would have me, I have a whole bunch of love to give and all I want in return is a roof over my head, food in my belly and a little love in return…thank you for checking me out…oh I almost forgot, I think I’m pretty cute, don’t you???