Paisley – 2023

I’m brand new to the rescue and I’m 4.5 year old “Pocket boxer” I’m only 40 lbs and that’s a perfect weight for me. I am the sweetest little thing you have ever seen. I’m great with kids and other dogs. Even little dogs who aren’t nice to me I do pretty well. I pretty much ignore the little birdies in my home.

My favorite thing to do is be right up in your business. I love to be as close to my person as I can be. Would you like to potty or shower by yourself? Then I’m not the girl for you. Because I’m like a little creeper, I will nose myself right on in the room with you. When you sit down on the couch or chair, I’m gonna scoot right up beside you.

I am energetic but not “puppy” energetic. I can totally keep up with any and all people activities. Walking, hiking, running. I’m here for it, as long as your involved. But I could also just Netflix and chill all day long. I listen really well and I try extremely hard to please my people. I crate really well for a cookie.