Nathan – 22-4434

December 28, 2022

Nathan is a handsome, sweet, loyal boy who will greet you with wags and stay by your side during the day or will sit and watch out the window to keep tabs on what’s going on out there. He loves the good life inside in a climate-controlled environment but happily goes in and out the doggie door to check things out or take care of business. He is gradually showing more interest in toys (will pick them up and squeak test them!). He LOVES to go on walks and does really well on the leash, loves meal time and treats, and sleeps quietly outside the crate all night. He can be trusted inside the house free roam with no issues. He has recovered from his heartworm treatments and is no longer on exercise restriction. While he loves his foster family, he’s ready and waiting for his forever home.

November 27, 2022

Nathan is recovering well from the heartworm injections he received on November 7th and 8th. He is past the hardest part of the recovery. He continues to do well and he has the foster home routine down pat!  He will rest quietly in his crate now for short periods of time – he’s learned it’s not bad! He goes on short, leisurely walks these days since he is on exercise restriction as part of the heartworm treatment recovery. He still walks perfectly on the leash, keeping the leash in a J shape. He loves to get hugs from everyone, especially the little humans. He is up-to-date on his shots and his flea and tick treatments, too. In a few more weeks he’ll be good to go to his forever home. Maybe it’s you?

October 15, 2022

Nate continues to do well in his foster home. He is a sweet, calm, and submissive boy; but he is also a guard dog/protector, barking at delivery trucks and when packages are dropped at the door (but never barking at invited visitors entering the home) and sleeping near the youngest humans. He does not like to be confined to a crate, but is house-trained and does very well having free roam of the house (with access to a doggie door and fenced back yard). He is learning his name – comes when called most of the time, sleeps well all night, and walks great on a leash. He started his heartworm treatments last month and will finish up in early November, after which, he will need another few weeks, at least, to recover before going to his forever home. He has recovered from his neutering surgery. His back leg was checked and it turns out it was a paw pad injury, which has fully healed. This boy is so gentle and incredibly handsome! He’s waiting for his forever home where he can be an inside dog and continue to enjoy the good life. He just wants to give and receive love. If he’s the dog for you, please submit an adoption application!

September 25, 2022

Nathan (aka Nate or Nate the Great) is doing really well in his foster home. He’s been here since 9/8. He absolutely adores young children and all people. When the grandchildren visit, he sleeps in the room where the youngest (3-year-old) grandchild sleeps and he follows her around. He also follows the 9-year-old grandson. When the grandchildren aren’t around, he follows foster mom and foster dad around, if not following the resident dog. He loves pets and belly rubs. He rides well in a car, and actually took a 4-hour trip to Lake Lure last weekend. He is great at meeting new people, although a little shy at first (but no growls or barks). He barks at the mail carrier and when there is a knock at the door. Nate is heartworm positive, so he will need to go through those treatments before he can go to his forever home. He is just beginning to show some interest in toys. He loves bones and treats. We are working on teaching him his name and on basic commands. Although he doesn’t know “Sit” and “Stay” (or “Wait) yet, he is not overly aggressive about trying to rush to his food bowl when it’s placed. He has not been tested with cats, but barks when he sees one outside. He has an old injury to his back leg, which will be evaluated this week (he sometimes keeps weight off it when standing, but he walks on it just fine). This sweet, handsome, loving boy is going to bring lots of joy and snuggles to some lucky family. Maybe it’s you?