Max – 23-4416

Max is new to the rescue and has settled into his foster home. Here is an update from his foster family!

09/13/23 – Max is a great 9-month-old puppy. We have had him for 3 weeks now. He was an outdoor-only dog and had very little to no socialization until he entered rescue. He is playful and gets along with children. He will not even take food from a 2-year-old who is waving around salami. He uses a dog door to go in and out and is housetrained and crate-trained. He would do well with another dog, but could certainly be an only dog with time and more socialization. He is learning to trust us but is a little skittish when first meeting new people, loud noises and people throwing things. He has free roam of the house when we are home and has sniffed some shoes and blankets with the thought of chewing but knows “no” so we redirect to dog toys. He is a great eater and shows no sign of aggression toward other dogs, people, or children while eating. He plays and runs hard in our fenced-in yard. He is a great car rider and walks well on a leash. He will need someone that is patient with him for his continued socialization.