Mack 18-4562

Mack-a-doodle, Mack Attack, Mack-a-licious, Macky-whacky Mackity-Mack-Mack…whatever tickles your fancy; I’ll live up to the name.

My name is Mack David and I just turned 1 year old (my birfday was January 15th…it’s not too late to send presents btw). I asked Foster Mom to describe me in a few words and she said “giant, bouncy, goofball with many special talents and a Million-Dollar Smile.”

If you’re curious, a few of my special talents are as follows:

#1: Foster Mom says I have “Go-Go-Gadget Mack Legs”. She has jokes but seriously, I can tuck all of my legs in and compact into the tiniest of spaces. I might be 70lbs and over 2 feet tall (at my shoulders while standing on all 4 legs) but I’d make even the Teacups jealous.

#2: I’ve been told I snore like a human. ‘Nuff said. (Well…I guess maybe you shouldn’t be a light sleeper)

#3: I am the bestest toilet paper interior decorator in all of Virginia. Really…I could win awards…I just have a natural eye for it. I calls it art, but Foster Mom doesn’t seem so impressed.

I’m a really sweet boy and love snuggling with my Foster Brother Ozzy. He’s kind of my role model and I try to do everything just like him. He’s ok with it most of the time. I also have a new dog friend and we LUV to play. We play and play and play for hours. Foster Mom says we get a little too rough sometimes, but we just love playing and get carried away I guess.

I’m not a huge fan of mornings, so if you like to sleep in on the weekends you’re in luck! Like anyone, I could learn to be more of a morning pup if that’s your thing, but don’t expect me to be your back-up alarm clock right away.

While I am a big boy and can hold my own, I get a little intimidated by dogs I don’t know, especially those that are bigger than me (I know…hard to believe they exist right?) so I’ll just need careful introductions so I can feel comfortable and make sure they are friends not foe.

I’m a lover for sure, but while I’ve been known to give out a kiss or two, I guess you’d say I’m more of an old-school southern gentleman at heart. I’d much rather hold your hand or lean into you than smother you with slobbery kisses. If you’re looking for lots of slobbery kisses, I may not be your guy, but I could certainly recommend some of my other Blue Ridge Boxer friends.

Anyway, if you adopt me, I promise to provide you with endless entertainment and you won’t be able to help but smile when I show you my toothy grin.

To learn more, fill out an application and ask for ME, Mack! In the meantime, you can see what I am up to by following my adventures over on the Instagrams at Until then…adios amigos! Hope to meet you soon!