Leo 2017

Leo is very energetic and loves to play but sometimes he can get a little aggressive while playing. He likes to chew on things, mainly soft things like blankets, towels, and shoes. He loves to go on long walks and meet other dogs and people. He is very friendly. He doesn’t like to be given showers and is absolutely terrified of going up the stairs. He is smart but it takes him a while to learn a new trick. He loves belly rubs and will flop on the floor in front of you and roll on his back so you can rub his belly. He doesn’t bark a lot but when you first put him in his cage he will whine and bark for a little but he will eventually stop. He needs a lot of attention and will sometimes wander off and get into trouble to draw attention to himself. He loves going outside but is very scared of rakes and brooms. He is terrified of construction workers and the loud noises they make.


Weight: 52 pounds

• HW Status: negative

• Tail: has a tail

• Ears: not clipped

• Spay/Neuter: yes

• Good with male dogs: yes

• Good with female dogs: yes

• Good with small dogs: yes

• Good with cats: no

• Good with children: yes

• Energy Level scale 1-9 (sleepy –energetic): 8

• Intelligence scale 1-9 (silly-genius): 4

• Friendliness scale 1-9 (aggressive-affectionate): 5

• Playfulness scale 1-9 (not playful-very playful): 9

• Disposition scale 1-9 (anxious-calm): 5

• Nicknames: Leo

• Favorite food/toy/treats: chicken jerky, rawhides

• Must be in a home that has the following: big open spaces

• Is a fence necessary or is leashed exercise sufficient?: leashed exercise

is sufficient

• Medical issues: none

• Needs work on: tricks/training