Josie 21-4793

I’m new to Blue Ridge. I am heartworm negative and already spayed. I have a nub. I will be ready for my new home very soon so put in your applications today!!

She is a very happy girl with a lot of energy. Josie does the best kidney bean!  She is small, only 45 lbs. I’m not sure what she is mixed with, but it must be something on the small side.

Josie has become Boo’s shadow her foster sibling. Wherever he goes, she follows. They have played just a little bit.  It’s super cute since he’s so much bigger than her. We are trying to keep her as calm as we can since she was just spayed, but that’s easier said than done  We’ve taken a few walks and she wants to be right by Boo’s side. This works out well since he has good leash manners.

I’m not sure how Josie ended up at the shelter, but I think at some point she had a family. She immediately got on the couch and made herself at home. She’s cuddling up beside me as I type this. She also already knows sit and come. Stay is going to take some time. She just can’t stay still, she so happy and excited.

Josie is potty trained. She hasn’t had any accidents. She hasn’t had to be left alone yet since I work from home, but she has slept in a crate and eats in there. She whines for just a couple minutes and then is fine.

Josie will need a home with a fenced yard and another dog to play with. She’s very friendly and I think would be fine with kids, but she is a jumper. We will try and work on this, but I’m sure it’s going to take some time to break her of the habit. The good news is that she’s small so at least it’s not like getting hit by a truck. She also jumps almost in slow motion and lands fairly lightly. It’s hard to describe without seeing it.