Jorge 20-4719

I’m super sweet boy approximate 7 years old with an adorable under-bite. I just had my dental and my neuter done. I do have to get some lumps removed  but that will be in a week or so. I am a laid back goof boy. I have been fantastic with the dogs here even with the one who is very jealous of me. I just walk away when he is ugly to me. My foster mom doesn’t think I would hurt a fly. Jorgie has shown a little interest in her caged birds but you know they sound funny and move around in an enticing way.

My favorite place to be is right beside you. I like to be with my people. I love laying in the sun a little even though its pretty hot outside right now so my foster mom says that I can only be out there for a little bit.

I learned the dog door here quickly. I’m still a little nervous and unsure, but I’m starting to relax in to this place.

I don’t love the crate but I tolerate it okay. I do bark when you first put me in but I stop after about 10 mins.

You can’t find an easier going boxer than Jorgie. He is so sweet and just laid back but still wants to play. He loves to play with toys but he is only allowed the soft ones right now. He turns into a puppy again as soon as you start playing with his toys.

I do feel Jorgie would do best with a fenced in yard. He loves to explore and loves to lay around in the sun.

Weight 45ish lbs. Needs to gain a couple.