Jethro Jr 18-4559

Are you looking for a BIG hunk of fur-ever LUV? If so…I’m your guy! I’m Jethro Jr. (or JJ as they sometimes call me). I am about 4 years old and a boxer-mix of some sort, although my personality is more the antithesis of your typical boxer. I’m a swanky, mature fellow for my age and don’t have time for the silly games and antics that my other boxer friends and fur-sister play. I much prefer the quiet of a mature household and would love to be the only dog.

I LOVE being around my humans, so when you’re home, I’ll likely shadow you all around the house. But don’t worry, I’m not one of those clingy, wanna-be, lap-dogs or anything. I’m a total gentleman and just want to be near you. I can be affectionate too. I like to lean in for the occasional doggie hug and will give the occasional kiss, but with this mature, tough-guy image to maintain, I won’t be all snuggle-snuggle all of the time. Not saying I won’t snuggle, but mostly I’ll just stay close by and curl up at your feet if that’s alright. You like your personal space too? Great!

While I’d prefer the single-dog life, I can get along with other dogs if I am given some time to get to know them and I’d like it better if they were also low-key like me. I tolerate my fur-sister now…most of the time, but she is a 2-year old ball of energy and honestly, it gets a little annoying. She gets the hint most of the time, but sometimes I have to show her I’m really not in the mood. I’d really just prefer fly-solo, have all of the humans, all of the toys, and all of the treats to myself.

While I might look tough from the outside, it’s all for show. I’m really a very sensitive guy with a big heart. Foster Mom called me a “big baby” once and honestly, I got a little offended. Yeah ok, I might get scared sometimes…and I need to work on my confidence a little, but baby? I’m no baby! I’m a big boy! With feelings…and stuff…and I’m not afraid to admit it! OK?

I’m kind of a homebody; not really into the party scene or big crowds and my perfect day would be lounging around the house and hanging out with you. Favorite exercise? Does walking to my food bowl count? (I got some jokes too).

I actually love a good walkie around the neighborhood (when it’s not too hot of course) and sometimes I like to play, but watch out, I’m about 70 lbs of solid D-O-G and when I play I can get a little carried away. I might accidentally bowling-ball myself into you. I can also get a little mouthy when I’m excited and some have described my play-style as “a little rough,” but I’m working on it. Like I said, I’d much rather be lounging anyway.

I’m smart and well educated. Treats? Yes, please! I will work for treats anytime, anywhere! I worked with our pro-trainer Marcus and have all the basic obedience stuff down. I’m such a good boy that I even know to stay off the furniture unless invited by the humans. I’m definitely ready and eager to learn more! What will you teach me?

When my foster family isn’t home, I stay in the kennel and I’m not really a fan. I try to plead my case for freedom for a few minutes, but it rarely works. A dogs gotta try right? I give in after a few minutes and settle down. I usually get a peanut butter filled Kong, so it’s a fair trade-off I suppose.

I am totally potty trained though, so you wouldn’t have to worry about accidents in the house! My foster family is quite impressed that I can go potty on demand AND can hold it for quite a long time. Don’t be worried if when I first arrive I don’t go right away. Potty-time is kind of personal and I just need to get comfortable. But don’t forget the doggie bags when we go for walkies! The movement errr…get’s things moving so to speak.

Oh and about walkies, I’m basically am a PRO when it comes to walking on the leash, well maybe not quite pro, sometimes I do get distracted and want to check out the other dogs we pass, but I’ve learned with a quick tug on the leash, and sometimes a “sit”, to re-focus my attention and walk like the good, mature, boy that I am.

Overall, I’m a very sweet, low-maintenance, good boy that’s looking for my forever person and I really hope it’s YOU! I think you will love me too…no…I guarantee it! So, go ahead and fill out my application! I can’t wait to meet you! And if you’re not “the one”, don’t you have a friend who needs a big sweet guy like me??