Jackson Brown 19-4196

I am now a graduate of the “Adult 1” doggy class, and I’m so proud of myself!  So are my foster mom and dad.   I LOVE life and people, am very friendly, and I continue to make new human friends.  I got along fine with other dogs at my last foster home.  (But I was only there for a week because I did NOT get along with the cats there, which is why I moved to the foster home where I live now.)   Since I’ve been at my foster home I haven’t been around dogs.   They have a great fenced in backyard, though, where I get to run around and chase squirrels.  I never seem to catch one though.  I love the backyard because I can run around but I also LOVE to just sit and watch everything happen in the neighborhood.  I sleep in my crate at night, and I don’t mind it at all.  It’s cozy.   My foster mom and dad buy me lots of toys and I love them all!  They keep me occupied.  I also love going on car rides with my foster mom and dad, and love little kids, love to give them kisses, but sometimes I get a little too excited for the real little ones.  I’m a very happy, loving, energetic, young boy and can’t wait to meet you and give you kisses.  I’ll love you forever!