Henri Matisse 19-4631

Looking for my Match

I’m a handsome blonde, stocky fellow with a little extra padding. I have Gorgeous brown eyes, rugged features and a fantastic smile. I love to go on long walks at twilight. After a nice long walk I love to cuddle on the couch were we can netflix and chill as long as you like. Belly rubs go really well with Netflixing *wink* and if you stop I will give you a gentle nudge to remind you to keep going. I have a great disposition and would happily love any children you may have. I say the more the merrier.

So why not give this handsome fella a swipe right and lets hook up for Valentines day!!

Slobbery kisses!!!

Henri Matisse.

Henri is a wonderfully sweet dog with tons of character. He will require at least a 6 foot sturdy fence. He is very smart and can be a little bit of a houdini dog so having a secure fence is a must for this boy. If you have the long handle style doors, GUESS WHAT he can open those so you will need to keep those doors locked (he hasn’t figured out how to unlock a door yet).  He does not love the crate so you will need a good sturdy crate. He does fine at his foster moms being crated but she has a heavy duty crate.

He likes other dogs as long as they do not try to dominate him. Dogs that try to stand over him or dominate him he is not a fan of. Henri has played well with dogs his size and under. He LOVES food and can be a bit of a surfer. He also LOVES a nyla bone. He likes to get into what I call the “Chew zone” which can last for 45 mins sometimes. He loves to dig into a nice soft blanket and make a little nest on his dog bed. He would happily sleep with you but does fine sleeping on a dog bed on the floor. He loves all people but he is a great guard dog. If he hears a noise he will bark. Once someone comes in and he sees you are okay with them, he will stop barking and he will happily greet whomever just arrived. Henri loves going for walks and walks great with a no pull harness. Henri is a greeter and loves meeting new people and getting lots of lovies. He can never be petted enough when you stop petting him he will paw at you til you start back.

Henri is a little chunky and on a prescription diet food to help him loose weight anyone who adopts him will need to continue this food at least until his has lost the weight the vet says he needs to.

Henri is a great dog and will make someone a very loyal and loving best friend.