Henri Matisse 19-4631

Hi I’m Henri Matisse and I am a cute silly boy around 5 to 6 years old.  I’m a stocky boxer mix, my foster mom believes bulldog/boxer and yes I am a little squatty like a bulldog but my foster mom says that just makes me a low rider and extra adorable.

I have really settled in now to the foster life and boy do I like it here. There is a dog that will sometimes play with me when she feels like it. We like to play chase me, chase me in the back yard. We try to hide from each other and then when we find each other BAM its off to the races round and round we go til we are out of breath. I am a very young acting 5 to 6 year old and I can play for a long time. I need a doggy buddy preferably female who is easy going like me but likes to play.

If no dog will play with me hey thats just fine I will take a toy outside and roll around in the grass with it and have a blast all by myself.

I like dog toys and love chew bones. But one thing I really love is smelling new stuff outside. I would love going for a good daily walk and have a yard to explore all the smells, I love to roll around in the grass and play with my toys, that would be my ideal.

My favorite favorite thing in the world right now is belly rubs. I just love them. I will lay there for hours and hours all cuddled up next to you and let you rub my belly. And if you forget to keep rubbing my belly don’t worry I will remind you and will paw at you to let you know we aren’t done.

I have gotten used to crating and I realize I’m not being left forever so I’m okay with it. I don’t love it and I will bark sometimes to let you know im not happy about it when you leave. But I settle down and relax after a few minutes. It does help when I have a buddy crated beside me. I could not be an only dog i’ve I’m being crated for longer than a couple hours at a time. I would stress to much. My fur friend who is crated beside me helps to keep me relaxed.

I could probably be left free roam in a doggy proof room as I have been left outside the crate a couple of times and didn’t mess anything up. But that would be something that would have to be tested.

When new people come to the house I will let you know. I bark and rumble until my foster mom says the people are okay then im all wiggles and excited to meet them. That makes me a good protector no strangers are getting past me with out you knowing. I warm right up to a stranger when you tell me everything is okay. When out in public I haven met a stranger I love meeting new people and I like children too.

I had a little growth on my tummy/chest area that BRBR had removed which was nothing so we are happy about that. I am all healed up and ready for my forever home.

I would make a fantastic buddy for just about any family. I love other female dogs for sure but I don’t like dogs that are bigger or taller than me especially when they try to be Alpha over me. Not a fan of that business. I did really well meeting some kittens at the vets office. I wasn’t really sure what they were but they were pretty interesting. I will chase squirrels so I do have a bit of a prey drive. Id have to be tested further with kitties.

I am a very sweet and loving dog who deserves the best forever home who will spoil me the rest of my days. Are you that home? Please fill out an application today!! I’m waiting for you!!