Henri Matisse 19-4631

Dear Santa Paws,

I want to say that I have been a very good boy this year and I would love to find my forever home. I don’t really need a lot I promise. A family that has a fur sibling that is a little smaller than me or a lady doggy friend that wont’ get all bossy with me would be best. I don’t have to be boss in fact I will just roll over most of the time when I play with another dog. But I don’t like dogs that try to boss me around.

I don’t like to be crated alone. So I need a crate buddy unless you could find a stay-at-home parent or someone retired or semi-retired so I don’t have to be crated for long periods I could be an only dog.

Id love a family with or with out kids, not younger than 5ish age range would be good for me cause im a stocky boy and might knock a kid over thats smaller than the 4 age range just trying to get some lovies.  I can be a little klutzy and I don’t know my own strength I would never try to harm anyone. I really love kids I like to give them kisses right in their faces.

I can be a little mouthy when I play so you do have to remind me that mouthy play is for doggos not hoomans. I get so excited that I forget especially when you first come home.

My favorite activity is snuggling and getting lots of belly rubs. If I could get a person or some peoples that could give me lots of belly rubs that would be great they are my favorite.

I LOVE FOOD, ALL FOOD, ANY FOOD. I haven’t met a treat I didn’t like or even a vegetable for that matter. So Santa Paws if you could find me a family that likes to give treats to good boys I am your guy. I love to chew on nyla bones so if you have a family who likes to give those that would be great too.

I’m very lovable and sweet and I just want a person or family to call my very own. My foster mom is great and I love her but I’m ready to find a family thats just for me.

Can you help me Santa Paws? I sure hope so.

Happy Holidays from your furry friend,

Henri Matisse.