Heidi 23-4478

03/05/23 –  Heidi is cute, smart, and deaf. She is still very puppy-like. A ball of energy from the moment she wakes up. Ready to play. She is a fast learner. In two weeks, she has learned “sit”, “down”, and “shake”. Working on “quiet” and waiting patiently in a crate because she can bark to let you know she is ready to get out. When not roughhousing with resident fur brother, she is a pretty chill dog. Like to be where you are. Definitely would be a little shadow without another dog around. Being young, she has a lot of energy so will need an outlet for that energy regardless if it is another dog or games and walks with her people.

Being deaf doesn’t seem to challenge or diminish her happiness. It’s just different. If interested in adding Heidi to your pack, recommend checking out the Deaf Dogs Rock webpage to better understand how a deaf dog is a little different and how Heidi would be a good fit for your family. The site has lots of practical information and training videos.

Deaf Dogs Rock   https://deafdogsrock.com/

02/18 – Heidi has really started to come out of her shell! She is now playing with other dogs. Heidi is so sweet, loves every person/dog she meets, and loves to cuddle. Heidi will be going to see a vet/specialist soon, she is possibly deaf, we just want to make sure. If this love bug has piqued your interest….stay tuned for more💗

2/11 – Heidi is settling in at her foster home. She is just a little nugget at 33 lbs. She loves other dogs and wiggles her nub when meeting new people. She is about 18 months old, heartworm negative, and will be available for adoption soon. Stay tuned for more information….