Hank 19 – 4588

Hank is a very special boy.  He loves belly rubs and playing outside with his foster brother.  He loves to cuddle and take lots of naps in between his plays outside.  He doesn’t require much exercise.  He likes walks but isnt needed if you have a fenced yard he is fine with that too.  Hank is what I like to call a very low maintenance dog.   He is happy with whatever.  He isn’t much into toys but when his foster brother wants to play with toys he will play for a bit as well.  He loves kids (I cant stress that enough).  No prey drive for cats (in fact he doesn’t even care that she is even in the house with him).  He was curious at first when first introduced, but now he could care less.  He doesn’t much care for baths or getting a pedicure, but he tolerates them. He sits on command, shakes, and crates on command.  He will do ANYTHING for a treat.  He is crate trained and housebroke.  He would be a great addition to a family with kids, as I am sure he would LOVE to have a little boy/girl of his very own.  He is absolutely wonderful with my 8 year old daughter (He follows her around the house).  No food aggression, he and his foster brother tend to end up eating out of the same bowl sometimes.  One finishes before the other and the one done first ends up helping the other finish…lol.  No dominance issues, he is not a dominant dog but he is confident.  He is a quick learner and very eager to please his humans.  He has learned so much already in the 3 short weeks we have had him.  When he gets excited, his whole body wiggles in excitement.  When he meets someone new, or gets excited he like to jump up on people some, but we are learning that isn’t good behavior, so he doesn’t do that as much as he did when we first got him.

Hank is a Gem….great with kids, other dogs, even the kitties. He is a mellow dude that would love to be apart of someone’s family.  How about yours?