Gunnar 2018

I’m brand new just got to my foster home and I have made myself right at home. Fitting in just like a little glove. I’m only 42lbs and probably need to gain 5 to 7 lbs.  So I wont be a big guy when im done. When I first get some place I am a little nervous for about 5 minutes then I relax and am ready to have fun. My foster sister isn’t much of a player because she is older. I sure would like to have a fur sibling that likes to play or be able to go play with some other doggies daily would be awesome. But Im a sweet boy and if there is no one to play with I will play with one of my squeaky toys. I really love those things. And guess what…..I love to play fetch and i actually bring back the ball….. Can you believe it? A boxer that actually bring back the ball right to you. I know crazy!

I would LOVE to have a big fenced in back yard. Because i LOVE to do the zoomies. My foster mom thinks I would do best in a home that has some kind of yard our access to a fenced in area where i can do some zoomies everyday.

I’m house trained and will make myself right at home on your couch if you have a fireplace even better I love laying in front of the fire on a cold winters night. I would be happy to snuggle right up to you as well. I crate beautifully no issues there.

If your interested in me be sure to fill out your application or tell your adoption coordinator. I will not be here long.

Stay warm.

Love Gunnar.