Ghost 20-4754

Hi! Ghosty here! Or Just Ghost if you want to be formal, but my foster Mom calls me Ghosty! I am settling into my foster home! I have two fur sisters who weren’t too sure of me at first. But now…. Wow! They love me and I love them! We play all the time and do zoomies around the house and the big backyard. Oh and they have this thing my Mom calls a hot tub. Well, I don’t care what it is, cuz I use it to play king of the mountain with my fur-sisters. Mom laughs at me though. She says something about me being silly cuz I get up there and then can’t get back done! I dunno! I just like being King! I have a skin sister too that I snuggle with every night. I just love to snuggle. If I can’t touch you, then we ain’t close enough. Foster Mom and Dad did this thing called decoratin’ tonight. I dunno, but they put out all this stuff for something called Christmas. They told me about Santa. They said he will bring presents and he might even bring me a furever family. I hope so, cuz I just want a family to love me. I like kids and people and other dogs too.