George 17-4196 aka Sunny

Sunny came to us originally in 2017 under the name George.  You see Sunny had a forever dad who was retired. Sunny adores his dad and his dad adores him. But his dad is very sick and has to go into a facility that Sunny is not allowed to go. So BRBR is bringing Sunny back into the fold to find him another home. We have to make sure we find a special loving home so that Sunnys Dad won’t worry about him anymore and can focus on taking care of himself.

What is Sunny like? Everyone who meets Sunny just loves him. He is a people dog. He is a wonderful and sweet boy very well mannered fellow. He loves people and children of all ages. He wants to hang with his human as much as possible. He is house-trained, crate trained and up to date on all vaccines. So he is ready to go.

He can get along with some dogs but some dogs he just doesn’t like. We think its going to be best if Sunny is an only dog.

We think Sunny has enough personality and love to fill anyone’s heart. If you are looking for that one and only forever dog. Here is your boy.