Freya 23-4477

Hey everyone! Freya here! I just got to my foster home yesterday, but I have to say I think I am really going to like it here! There are other dogs here, and I have already been able to hang out with one of them. He is really nice and calm and helps me to feel safe. I have been able to wag my tail at the others and give them sniffs, but my foster mom says we have to take things slow and I need to heal some before having too much interaction. I LOVE people and I have already met a bunch of people here. I wag my tail for all of them. They have yummy yummy food here and I get to eat every day…more than once! I get treats, fish oil, and vitamin E, and a multivitamin. I am a good girl – that’s what they tell me! I am learning to take treats nicely because I guess I can get a little too excited and be a bit grabby…but I will get good at it. I am already improving they say. I potty outside as every good dog should and I am even willing to go out in the rain to do it! Foster mom says that is a big deal. Once I gain enough weight I will have to be spayed, whatever that is. Then I will be ready for a new home. Even with being a bit skinny, my fur is soft, and I am already a cuddler. If that sounds good to you – and you want to be mine – apply to BRBR today!