Florida Evans 2022

Florida Evans saved herself and her puppies by walking into a pet store with her pups trailing along behind her. The staff took her to the local shelter and BRBR swooped in and took her and her puppies in our foster program. She has been recently spayed and she is Heart Worm positive so she will have to go thru threatment.

Florida is relaxing more and more every day. She is enjoying being just a dog in her new foster home. She has started to engage in play with our littlest dog. She play boughs and just zoomies all around.  She definitely has some boxer in her because she gets the wiggles when she is excited or happy.


She is so cuddly all she wants to do is be with a person and just hang out. If your busy doing something that’s okay, she will find a place to lay down and just watch you do your thing. If she sees an opportunity to snuggle she will take it. She is very gentle when asking for attention she will paw at you sometimes or she will talk to you.

My favorite thing she does is sit in front of you and lay her head on your knee, she will sit like that for hours as long as you keep rubbing her head.

Other dogs:

I believe that she wants to be the head dog in the home. I recommend she be placed with a family with no dogs or with a dog or dogs that don’t really care if she is a little bit alpha. That may come from her being a momma.  She is not overly aggressive at all; she just uses her body to push those boundaries a little. Some dogs may find that annoying other dogs may not care.

She has been getting along well with my pack. She does get a little grumbly here and there, but she is just vocalizing her boundaries and that’s okay. The dogs are figuring out where everyone is in the pecking order.

Small animals:

She ignores my birds she seems a little curious about them but basically ignores them. She will chase a squirrel or at least she joins in when my dogs chase them. She may just do that to join in. She loves having a backyard to run around and get her zoomies out. Unknown about cats or other animals.

House broken:

Florida is house broken, He has mastered the dog door.  So far, a little bit of a picky eater. But it just needs to be a little smelly.

Energy Level:

She isn’t high energy dog but she is in great shape and would probably love going on runs or walks around the neighborhood. She does pull so we must work on that. But she is content to chill on the couch or dog bed as well.

Florida Evans was named after the great character on the 70’s tv show, Good Times. We picked this name because just like the character she was a strong mother taking care of her family in the best way she knew how and slaying it!

Florida deserves an amazing forever home.

If you are looking to adopt an wonderful dog with a great temperament, please fill out your application for Florida today.