Ellie 19-4649

Ellie has two speeds indoor and outdoor. As soon she’s out the door it’s off to the races. She runs laps until you make her come in. Now seeing her run might be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. She leans back on her back legs puts both front feet in the air and takes off. Now those squirrels she tries really hard to catch them and I think just wants to play with them. She loves frisbees though her foster sister won’t share hers. Ellie walks great on a leash and only pulls if she sees those darn squirrels. She goes right into her crate and doesn’t make a peep or fuss. She is always hungry and she is not afraid to let you know if she thinks it’s been too long. She prefers to sleep on the dog bed or in her crate. Ellie is submissive so I can’t see her having a problem with any dog. She is very wary of men though but enough treats and she’ll be your best friend.