Ellie 19-4584

I’m Ellie, but my friends call me Elle. Foster Mom says the first thing she noticed about me was my perky ears and my sweet personality. She said she could tell I was sweet from the moment she saw me. You will probably also notice my scars, I think of them as beauty marks. They are from when I had a few tumors removed but am happy to report they were benign and I don’t have the scary cancer. I am 9 years old and a very good girl. I listen really well, am very gentle, and very very sweet. I think I will make a wonderful addition to your home and family!

My favorite things in the world are my foster mom (don’t worry Future Mom, or Dad…you will be my favorite too) and my furry foster sister. Hopefully, you like walkies too! I love them so much I do this happy dance when the leash comes out, you will probably giggle. I bounce around in circles; Foster Mom says I’m like a bucking bronco. I do well walking on the leash, but want to meet every dog and hooman we pass so will sometimes tug on the leash and when meeting the new hoomans, I like to show off how good I jump (it’s one of my special talents you see). You can correct me easily though and I will listen like a good girl.

I’m experienced at crate time and stay in the crate when Foster Mom leaves the house and I don’t bark or tear up my bed either. I’m potty trained too, but careful if you give me too much water…I will drink it all up and then might have a little accident. I have a great appetite and don’t worry about forgetting to feed me; I will let you know when it’s dinnertime by banging my food bowl. It’s like my own version of the dinner bell.

I love my canine foster sister and we love to cuddle up for naps and at bedtime. I’m not so sure about my feline roommate though…I am very interested in the cat, but Foster Mom hasn’t decided if that’s a good thing or not.

I have a few special talents you should know about.

    1. I am a skilled jumper (I was born with springs in my feet), I can jump so high I can see in the window of the back door and can twist around in circles at the same time. It’s a spectacular sight.
    2. If there were a water-drinking contest, paws down, I’d take first place. I’ve been known to gulp down an entire bowl of water in one sitting so fast it sometimes makes me sick. Foster Mom has started rationing my water now.

My idea of the perfect day would include walkies, or even a run if that’s your thing, a car ride and the most giantest bowl of water…water is one of my favorite snacks…peanut butter too, but I love a nice cold drink of water! I am really good at entertaining myself when no one else wants to play. I love all toys equally…furry, squeaky, bouncy, you name it…I am an equal opportunity toy lover, and I love to play this game where I throw my stuffed animals around in the air.

The most important thing to know about me though is that if you adopt me, I will love you. I might be 9 years old, but I’m like a fine wine, I get better with age. I am sweet as can be and have all the love to give. If you’d like to know more or are interested in adopting me, you can submit an application here http://bit.ly/BRBRApplyToday and mention my name! I can’t wait to meet you!