Daisy Jane 19-4630

Daisy Jane is settling in nicely.  She is about six years old, so is more on the calm side. She is potty trained, does really well in the crate and has gotten along with my two dogs. They are still getting used to one another so no playing yet, but so far so good.  Daisy Jane walks really well on the leash and has been going for a walk every morning. She really enjoys them. Daisy Jane is super sweet and will plop down and roll over to have her belly rubbed. She has a full tail and it wags all the time. Poor Bump and Boo Radley have both been beat in the face with it.  Daisy Jane is a mix. I think she is mixed with some sort of hound. She will need a fenced yard as she likes to be outside and patrol the fence and see what she can smell. Overall, Daisy Jane is a really good girl and so far, no issues.