Daisy Jane 19-4630

If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail! *thump* *thump*
If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail! *thump* *thump*
If you’re happy and you know it, then your tail will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail! *thump* *thump* 
Hello! My name is Daisy Jane. A sweet name for a sweet girl…and that little song…it’s basically my theme song for life! My tail doesn’t ever stop!
I’m about 6 years old, so old enough to not get into too much trouble, but still full of spunk and sass. I have an adorable little snaggle toothed grin, the sweetest disposition, can hold a conversation…especially when I’m excited, and will never ever get tired of belly rubs…ever. They are my favorite!


I’m curious and love to explore and one of my greatest pleasures in life is being outside. I’m not really the kind of girl who wants to be stuck inside all day so if you love the outdoors, are looking for a running buddy, or enjoy daily walks we will make a great match!


My curiosity and love for the outdoors, however, can get the best of me sometimes. Foster Mom and Dad were not very pleased when I took the liberty of a cracked door and ventured down the street on my own. I’m really a very good girl, just curious and friendly and wanted to explore and meet the neighbor dog a few houses down. Foster Mom’s advice to my forever family is to just watch the door behind you.
When I’m not busy exploring outside, you can find me lounging in the sun soaking up rays, curled up on my favorite dog bed, playing with my favorite tennis ball, or chowing down at meal-time (it’s my second favorite time of day…walkie-time is my first favorite).


I’m an all-around great canine companion. I’m well behaved and well mannered, love people and dog-friends, and enjoy a good balance of active adventure and relaxation. I don’t think you can go wrong if you adopt me! So, if you think we’d make a good match, send in your application today! I’m looking forward to meeting you and to the many adventures we will share!
This lovely hot pink and purple collar along with the matching adjustable leash were donated by our friends at Dog + Bone It’s top-notch quality and style with a little bit of sass, just like me!
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