Daisy 17-4457

Daisy Duke, Daisy Mae, Love Bug…or just plain Daisy, cheerful like the flower…and no matter what you decide to call me, I’ll love you. I’m sure you noticed, but I don’t look like many of my other boxer friends. I am what they call a “Reverse Brindle” but instead of having lots of brown freckles, I am unique and my coat is a shiny black.

I am about 4 and a half years young and am BURSTING with love. I give the best hugs and kisses…yup, just like the flower, I’ll cheer you up if you’re ever feeling down.

What am I looking for in a forever home you ask? Well, it’s simple…really…

# 1 I kind of like the single-dog life. I can get along with other dogs, big and small, but I prefer to have you all to myself. I promise, with the love I have to give, you don’t need another pup. Plus, I also like to get all the LUVS <3 and to be perfectly honest, I don’t particularly like when I have to share the toys.

# 2 I LOOOOOOVE walkies, did I emphasize that enough? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m pretty smart too and when the leash comes out I just can’t contain myself! I know what comes next and the excitement comes pouring out of my toes! I do my happy dance and spin around in circles. If you like running, even better, cuz I make a great running buddy and will keep you motivated through all the miles. No need for that expensive gym membership! All you need is your daily dose of Daisy!

# 3 So back to this “single-pup life” thing…I’m also not really a kitty fan either. You say you live your life cat-free too? IT’S A MATCH!

# 4 My only other request is that you have one of those big black picture boxes that makes noises, I think you hoomans call it a TV? I love trying to figure out how it makes all those funny sounds and I’m sure you will enjoy watching as I tilt my head back and forth with my ears flopping all around. Foster Mom giggles a lot when I do that, so I think she finds it funny…I’d like to think it’s charming.

I’m ready for my next big adventure, so if you’re ready for adventure too, followed up with lots of cuddles, hugs, and kisses of course, then what are you waiting for?? Go on and fill out an application and ask for ME, DAISY!!