Cyd 19-4570

Who’s  a good girl?? You must be talking about ME! Hi, I’m Cyd and it’s a pleasure to meet you. You’re looking for a sweet, smooshy faced dog to snuggle with? That’s amazing! I love to cuddle, make the best smooshy faces, and am also looking for my forever home! We should meet!

A few things you should know about me…first of all, I am about 2 years old and when I came into the Rescue, I had just had some pups. The good person who found me stranded kept my babies and lucky for me, this nice Rescue took me in as a foster.

I only have one good eye…easy now…no pirate jokes! Okay, okay…I guess a few won’t hurt.  The eye doc says it’s probably from an old injury, but it doesn’t bother me or slow me down at all.

Foster Mom says I get an A+ in snuggling and that I am a “first class leaner”…what can I say, I just like to be close to my humans…and my dog friends…Boo Radley, my foster sibling, is great at snuggling too. We also get to play a lot, which I really like.

I’m picking things up quick…like the doggy door and the crate…although when I’ve been allowed to free roam in the house, I’ve been a good girl. I am hoping that wins me privileges like couch time (they call it FUR-niture for a reason right?) and less crate time.

If you’d like to know more about me, you should fill out this application! I’d really love to meet you so I can show you what a good girl I am and hopefully you’ll want to take me home with you. Oh yeah, one more thing…I also have those nasty heartworms, but will be starting treatment soon, but after that I’m all yours!