Claude Monet 21-4773

I have been settling into my new foster home. I have a great big room all to myself with a huge window to watch the comings and goings, a big comfy couch, dog beds and a large crate with a big cushy bed in it. So far I am loving it. I pretty much just lay on the dog bed next to the dog gate so I can watch my foster mom go about her business.

I am so loving and affectionate I just want to put my big ole head right in your face for lovies and I try to climb in your lap. I’m still figuring out how to sit on couches with people. I get in some weird positions so I can get the lovies and be on the couch at the same time. But I will get it for sure.

My foster mom has these two pooches of her own. I’m not a big fan of them but I have been pretty courtesy at the dog gate. However my foster mom does think I should be an only child.

I do NOT share toys or bones with other dogs, but I don’t mind sharing them with my foster mom. She can take any toy, bone or food away with no issues. She can stick her whole hand in my food bowl I will just eat around it.

I am a huge boy and I do need to gain about 8 lbs. I love eating its one of my favorites. I do eat pretty fast so we have to be careful. But I am kind of funny because I get scared of my food bowl when it makes a sound even though I’m the one that made the sound by forcefully eating.

I need to gain confidence living indoors, my foster mom thinks I may have been pretty isolated and not treated very well because I am skittish with sounds and slippery floors. My feet start to slip sometimes on her wood floors and I do this “scooby doo” action to the rug. My mom thinks it will just take a little time to get use to the sounds and the textures in the house hold.

In general I am a great dog house broken & well mannered especially considering I seem to have never been in a home before.  I’m a little skittish. I just need to gain confidence and know my people are going to protect me and make me feel safe. Can you make this big boy feel safe and loved? Please put in your application today. I am ready to paint my own forever family with love.

Claude Monet

Note from my foster mom:

Claude is very smart and I think with a little bit of training he is going to be an amazing dog for someone. He needs leash work and just basic manners. He is house broken with no accidents so far. Claude I think would do just fine with a good long walk twice a day, if you did not have a fenced in yard. I can see him easily being a dog that could be in an apartment or townhome, even though he is so huge. He has a very chill disposition. He will whine a little bit when you but him in a crate and he will bark a few times but after 15 or 20 mins He settles right down. He will need a minimum of a 48 inch crate a little bigger would be even better. He is very tall.  He does not seem to be much of a destroyer or chewer of things at all. He just want to love and be loved and cookies… he loves cookies.