Claude Monet 21-4772 aka Luka

Claude Monet aka Luka is a big sweet boy, he is definitely an 80lb lap dog. Claude listens well in the house and his completely house trained. He loves toys and wants to be with his people as much as possible, like every boxer ever. He crates well, though he really does not need a crate. Claude has been great with the children he has met. But keep in mind Claude is a big ole boy and might knock down a small toddler and not mean to. Probably best with kids 5 an up for that reason.  Claude is not a fan of other dogs. So when walking him you have to keep a secure hold on him, because he will throw paws with other dogs. Claude can be a little skittish in the house at least until he learns all the sounds of the home. Claude is just a big ole goofy boxer who loves his people and would love to have a forever home.