Cash is a wonderful dog that loves his owners. He is as sweet as can be. What a snuggler. I can kiss and love on him all day long. He gets along well with other dogs.   However he needs a firm owner as he is not accommodating to meeting new people. He is  reluctant. He has been thru professional training and comes to commands, place, sits, and is very responsive. He is a beautiful dog with so much love. He likes paper towels and toilet paper still so bathroom doors have to be closed. So you must be cautious of this. This will correct itself with age. He can be tricky with anything food related. He is not food aggressive but will sniff out anything you have. He is so smart. But this dog loves his owner and wants affection. He is such a lover. I recommend he is in a fenced yard. Until he can learn to meet new people. You must watch your kitchen when cooking food however he has now been trained to stay out of the kitchen. He is a great dog but just needs the right home with activity as he is young and wants to play.