Cannon 10-4519

Highlights – Healthy Senior, No kids, Can be left free roam, Crate trained, Likes female dogs and small dogs, Love to play tug, Counter surfer, Sweet kisser.

I’m Cannon and I’m a card-carrying member of the silver sneakers club! I might have some gray hairs and a decade worth of life experience, but I’ve got some pep in my step and love going for walks of any kind. Long walks, short walks, down-by-the-river walks. So lace up those sneakers, let’s get out and walk!

I love car rides and my big, plush bed, and I don’t mind a dog park every now and then…as long as it’s not too crowded. I’m a gentleman too! I’ll show my affection by giving sweet kisses and I know (and mostly follow) the rules. I’ll wait to eat until you say it’s ok and know fancy tricks, like shake with both paws and I won’t eat the trash or the sofa if you leave me alone for a bit (that stuff’s for the pups). My one weakness? Tasty treats. Especially those left unattended on the kitchen counter. So just consider yourself warned, if you leave anything tasty out on the counter, it’s fair game in my book.

I prefer female dogs to male dogs and I seem to like the smaller pooches better as well. I’m a good boy and can be left free roam or crated.

I love my humans, but prefer the grown ones to the little ones. So if you’re enjoying the kid-free life and want to add a low-key canine companion to your world, send in your application! I’d love to meet you!