Caleb – 2022

If Caleb had a dating profile…

Hi, I’m Caleb!  I’m seeking a lifelong companion who is looking for unconditional love and loyalty.  I like all humans big and small, as well as dogs, however, I could do without cats.  I love going for rides and spending time in the great outdoors. If that sounds good to you hit me up, but if you are just looking for a casual fling you are barking up the wrong tree so if that is you then go on and swipe left. 

  • Breed: Boxer Mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age:   6 years
  • Weight: ~60 lbs
  • HW Status: Positive
  • Tail: Natural
  • Ears: Natural
  • Spay/Neuter: Neutered
  • Good with male dogs: Interacted well with both males and females at the pet store and per the pet shelter report
  • Good with female dogs:  Interacted well with both males and females at the pet store and per the pet shelter report, however, he has not yet had full interaction with my girls because they are a bit crazy.  He has not shown any aggression and has been a bit timid around the younger, wild one. Caleb is great with both of my girls (and they are quite spoiled and not always the most welcoming or friendly), but he and my wild child have hit it off and they play so well together!
  • Good with small dogs: Unknown
  • Good with cats:  No, returned to shelter due to not being good with cats.  He will stop in his tracks when he sees a cat on a walk as well.
  • Good with children:  He did very well with my 6-year-old nephew.  Very gentle and sweet, however, is very strong with pulling and would need adults to walk him.
  • Energy Level scale 1-9 (sleepy –energetic): 5 – he is very laid back, but is showing more of his goofy personality with a little more energy as he warms up.
  • Intelligence scale 1-9 (silly-genius):  5 – does not know basic commands, so we are working on ‘sit’ however does almost always ‘come’ when called.  9- Within the first week he learned to sit and shake (both paws) as well as down. He will now do all of that and roll over just for a treat.  He also knows to crate on command.
  • Friendliness scale 1-9 (aggressive-affectionate):  7, Friendly and super sweet however can be timid at times. Appears that he has likely been beaten in the past because anytime he is correct for something he will run into a corner and cower :*{, otherwise he is gaining confidence each day and is such an amazing dog!
  • Playfulness scale 1-9 (not playful-very playful): 5 Now that he has gotten comfortable, I would say a 7.  He is very playful for his age, but will also lie down with a benebone and occupy himself or nap. He is typically the one who initially plays.
  • Disposition scale 1-9 (anxious-calm):  7 – no longer whines or scratches.  However, still loves to be outside!  Enjoys his crate, but no longer just as a safe space.  He loves being out with everyone else too. 🙂
  • Nicknames: Still working on those. Buddaboo
  • Favorite food/toy/treats:  He prefers crunchy treats and will not take soft treats when offered.  Has not shown any interest in toys at this time.  Eats well twice daily. He now loves soft treats, crunchy treats, and meal times and is food motivated and will show off all the tricks to get them.
  • Must be in a home that has the following: He seems to like the outdoors and car rides and does well with kids and other dogs.  He will need a strong leader to teach him leash manners and commands, but he is eager to please and I think will make an EXCELLENT dog!!
  • Is a fence necessary or is leashed exercise sufficient?:  It appears that no one has ever worked with him on a leash, so we are working on that, and he is picking it up so this will be TBD.  I think with the right handler that would work with him consistently he could be exercised on a leash.  He likes to be in the fenced-in yard, however, does not run around doing zoomies. He and Sloane love to run around the yard together and play, roll around, chase each other, etc. so I think he would be fine either way but would at least love some dog park time because he is a very spry and super quick 6-year-old!!
  • Medical issues:  HW +
  • Needs work on: Basic commands, leash walking