Buddy 19-4621

My buddy, my buddy…oh wait! I’m Buddy! Hi-ya! I’m just a happy-go-lucky guy that’s new here and looking for my #foreverfamily …will it be YOU?!

Just like my name suggests, I’m the perfect buddy and companion! I am around 2 years old so I have lots of energy and I love to run and play! But, when it’s quiet time, I’ll lay my head on your lap and stare deeply into your eyes and heart…it’s a trick I’ve learned to get all the treats and luvs and head scratches (it’s my favorite spot for scratches)… and it works like a charm on my foster family. I just love the attention and luvs. They say I’m such a “ham” and I dunno what that means except…BACON!

I guess I’m like the class clown. I love being silly and while I might have a giant head (better for scratches), I have a gianter heart…you can count on me for all the luvs and all the laughs.

Top 3:

  1. Toys
  2. Playtime
  3. Snuggle Time

I love toys and play time. What do I look for in a toy you ask? Well, whichever one my fur-sister wants to play with of course! Otherwise, the squeakier the better! I wish I could play with toys ALL the time. I even try to them with me when I go outside to potty.

Do you like to play ball? It’s my favorite game! Especially soccer…you can practice the kicking and I’ll chase the ball. Sometimes maybe I’ll play keep away, but if you say drop it (and promise to kick it again), I might give it back to you. Fun fact! My favorite celebrity is Air Bud because he gets ALL the balls to play with!

When I’m not playing, I love to snuggle or curl up where the hoomans are. I really like being around the family and at nighttime, I get to snuggle with my skin-sister. I just love cuddling up in her big cozy comforter. It’s the best!

I have a fur-sister here at my foster home and it’s great! She’s coming around and getting used to sharing the attention and the toys.  She didn’t want to share her toys to start, but I like to tease her and try to play with just the one toy she wants to play with. I also like to water the lawn in the exact spot she did with my special manly effervescence! One time I even thought it would be funny if I sprinkled her a little too…needless to say, Foster Family and fur-sister weren’t happy about that. #LittleBrotherProblems

I’m not a big fan of kennel time. Foster Mom says I have to learn though so I can be a good boy for my forever family and I am learning…I pawmise. Oh! But you’ll probably want an extra strong crate (or really strong zip ties). I’m clever and have managed to free myself from captivity a time or two. And Foster Mom says I might end up a card-carrying member of the #destroyersclub This one time… when I escaped, I was really trying to be a good boy and wait for my foster family to come home, but I got hungry and tried a bite of the mantle. I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t very yummy and foster mom wasn’t happy. This other time I got out of the kennel,  I was being a really good boy, but I couldn’t see out the window and someone’s gotta keep watch over all the squirrels and critters while the hoomans are away right? So I took care of these silly things they have covering the windows so I could have a better view. Foster Mom wasn’t thrilled about that either. Anyway…I’m learning I guess. Gotta be a good boy so I can find my forever family!

I’m really just a big goofball and love to make people laugh. If you adopt me I’ll be the bestest good boy and your best Buddy! I promise to bring endless smiles, laughs, and love to your home. If you’re ready to know more and maybe make me a part of your family, go ahead and fill out an application here http://bit.ly/BRBRApplyToday I can’t wait to meet you so we can start our adventure together!