Bubba 2018 aka Harley

Harley has been in his new foster home almost 2 weeks. He is not your normal 9 month old puppy. He doesn’t know how to play and is the most timid dog we have ever had in our home. We suspect he has had little contact with humans and what contact he has had with them was not good. He has good instincts and knows when you are approaching him to “do” something which makes it hard to leash him. He does enjoy being petted and rubbed down. He likes sleeping in the bed with us. He is adjusting and has even learned to use the dog door. In the next few weeks I plan to start working with him on basic commands and desensitizing him to the leash and reaching for him. I have tried to work with him on sit already but he just backs away so I’m gonna a have to leash him to work on commands. I wanted to give him time to trust us first.
Harley is slowly adjusting to being with and trusting us. Finally this week he has actually tried to play with the other dogs, attempting to chew on bones, and finally sitting for a treat. Harley is not quite ready forever home but he is learning how to trust. Things like getting in and out of cars scares him. So his foster mom is taking him on short rides to get him more comfortable.
Harley will require someone who had patience and understanding for a dog that needs a little more time to adjust to new things and new situations. Harley has been let down by people in the past so we are looking for someone that will not let him down again.