Bubba 2018 aka Harley

Harley here.
Most of my days are spent lounging on the couch. I like to run and play with the resident dogs here but when I’ve had enough I go right back to my spot on the couch. I have recently started getting into things like normal dogs do. Foster Mom and Dad don’t get mad, they actually said they are thankful that I am starting to finally act like a normal dog.
I’m really not sure what a normal dog is. I mean I have fur, 4 legs, ears, a tail and I love peanut butter. That’s seems pretty normal to me. Except I guess some of the dogs here don’t have long tails, they have what are called nubs. That’s what’s  strange to me. What happened to their tails?
Foster mom and dad seem to think because I was running the streets that I was what they call feral. They said I have come a long way with them and they will make sure I find the bestest home for me. That makes me feel really safe because I don’t like change and I’m very leery of humans I don’t know.  They said I need an extra special home. Does that mean it will have lots of peanut butter? I sure hope so.
Tails up,